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Curiosity, radical hospitality and the careful, caring work of facilitating a space for growth

Ross Ellenhorn, LICSW, PsyD

Ellenhorn Founder and CEO

1:00PM - 2:00PM EST

Curiosity: The Power of It, The Threats to It, in Therapeutic Work

If you begin with the idea that people grow, recover

and heal in their own unique ways, you end with the

idea that human change is an unpredictable and improvisational event. If you can see that, then it’s likely that you can also see that certainty about people only has a small, albeit important, place in therapy, and that too much certainty—driven by diagnosis, prognosis, theory and supposed "best practices"—leads to empty exchanges in the therapy space where nothing important or lively occurs. If you believe this, then you may also believe that bearing and even appreciating uncertainty is a central factor in providing good therapy. This does not, however, mean that the therapeutic process is simply about two people staring at an abyss. To the contrary: It means that something else must enter the room. Something that is quickly destroyed by attitudes of certainty, and welcomed when they are less present: curiosity—the  openness to another’s experience, and the willingness to listen deeply to their unique story without too much filtering of this story by preconception.  

In this series, we take a curious approach to curiosity itself, and inquisitively look at the ways it can and should inform the care we provide.

Each course provides one (1) continuing-education credit. Participants must attend the entire course and complete a course evaluation in order to receive credit. A certificate certifying continuing-education credit will be emailed three weeks after completion of the course.

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Social workers completing this course receive 1 (one) continuing-education credit.

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Department's State Board for Social Work as an approved provider of

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Katherine Clemens, LICSW

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